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The Team

My name is Todd Cheek and I am the CEO of Todd's Health Zone, which is weight loss and health coaching company. My wife and I are on a mission to educate and empower people to live healthier lives through diet, exercise and lifestyle change.

Todd has worked in the area of fitness for well over 15 years and is a certified trainer through NESTA. Helping people live healthier lives through weight loss and education has always been a passion. He is the author of a newly self-published book entitled, "No Wonder I'm Fat", which is a book to help clear up the confusion about weight loss.

Todd established his business in the year 2004 in the borough of The Bronx, NY. In the year 2008, he helped organize Doctors for a Healthier Bronx, which is a non-profit organization design to bring health awareness to impoverished communities of the Bronx. As a way to further help bring awareness to the community about issues of health.                                                                               


Jynnifer Cheek is a certified nutrition coach and proponent of lifestyle wellness.

I help adults and families create a lifestyle of wellness using a healthy, holistic approach to nutrition.


Jyn has been called, "The Detox Queen", a teacher and a motivator. She has a deep passion for serving others and helping people get to a place of wellness.

Whatever obstacles arise, she'll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. In the end, she is there to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

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Kristin (a.k.a KC) is a certified personal trainer through NESTA with a passion to overall health and wellness. She also has a background in the medical field, and she's dedicated to helping people make healthy balanced choices in all areas of their lives. From her childhood to present she has remained active through sports and other physical activities. She is always eager to support and motivate my friends, family, and clients to pursue a healthier lifestyle. One of her core beliefs is that a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise, but also includes taking care of your mental health and nutrition. 

"I believe that there is no goal that is too big to achieve if you have the proper tools in place. Every person is different and in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, including mental health physical health and nutrition, the appropriate approach is to remember that this is not, one size fits all.”

"As your personal trainer I want to get to know YOU. I want to work with YOU. I want to create a program that is entirely built around YOU that will allow YOU to be successful with your long-term goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am ready to build a relationship with YOU and create success as a team."


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