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Welcome to our show page. This is the page where we bring health and wellness professionals to your screen. Enjoy and learn from these individuals that are out there in the trenches every day helping all of us be better and feel better.

Covid has created in many of us high levels of stress, but then you add the holiday season on to it and you've intensified your stress levels. Stress doesn't have to run or ruin your life. Learn some tips and strategies to reduce stress with Stress coach, Gulnara Asgarova

​​Chandra Fowler of Sanskrit Moon Yoga ( in the Atlanta Ga area is such a wealth information when it comes to her practice and business of Yoga.. We talked about Yoga and religion, age and yoga, men and yoga and virtual Yoga and much, much more. Jazzelle, the cat, even made a guest appearance. Thanks Jazzelle!!

On our show today, we welcome Dr. Susan Lovelle of Premier Wellness and David Allen of Snax Life. You're in for a treat today as we speak about hormones and how the affect your health and your weight loss goals.

What an awesome show, as coach and author, shared with us, her new book, "A Beautiful Tragedy". One of a parents worst nightmares is to lose a child. An event like that is hard to wrap your mind around, but how do you reconnect with life after such a tragic event? Judy, will share some strategies on how to do just that. You can find her book at

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