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Living Your Best Life /w Your Host, Todd Cheek

Welcome to the show, Clare Williamson. I had the honor of meeting this courageous

woman, business coach on another podcast and I was blown away by her spirit and

authenticity. Clare Williamson is a Transformational Business Coach, Mum Of 3,

Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Shaman. She was born in Britain, but calls New Zealand

home after moving there in 2011. Clare has 4 passions - her kids, helping people, saving rainforests and traveling. Her biggest achievement to date has been finding a way to

knit those passions together, through her Coaching Business, which helps other Visionary

Light Leaders to unleash their soul’s goal from the limits of their mind, so they can live a life of abundant choice and maximum impact. Check out her book, "Awaken Your Miracle Frequency".

"Her book truly took me on a journey" Todd Cheek


Check out the latest interview on my show, "Living Your Best Life"


Get Ready for the Summer Challenge!!

It's time to take control of your health. It's time to take control of your life. During this 30 day jump-start and journey to wellness, you will be challenged to be more, envision more, take more action than you ever have. You will be challenged to take a look at your daily habits. Keep the habits that serve you, while eliminating the habits that don’t.

Here's a Little of What You Will Get With the Challenge

Coaching from the team

Detox program

Meal plans, Shopping Lists, and Recipes

Weekly accountability calls

Stress management tips

Optional Meal Prepping

Optional Weekly and bi-weekly workout plans

Weekly education videos

To learn more about the challenge, register below for a live intro and presentation to get your questions answered.

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