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Online Personal Training

Will Online Training Work For Me?

YES, YES, and YES!!! I have had the pleasure of helping many people worldwide to transform their bodies and their lives.  I can’t do the workouts for you nor can I feed you, but I can do almost everything else to make sure you are well-educated and motivated to achieve the body of your dreams!  I am not about “quick fixes,” I believe in educating my clients on how to workout and eat for their individual fitness goals.

How Does online Training Work

Online training is becoming more and more popular. You get all the coaching, strategies and accountability you would get as if it were face-to-face training. You can access your training and coaching via your devices, such as cell phones and your computers. You will be set up with weekly or bi-weekly accountability calls to keep you on track. Each program is designed  to your needs.

Why Online Training and What if I have an Injury?

With so many technological resources and the power of the internet these days, you have the ability for get all the knowledge, motivational benefits, and guidance of a professional personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of one on one in-person sessions!  Anyone can benefit from having someone to hold them accountable for their workouts and eating clean in order to help them reach their fitness/health goals.

After signing up you will be sent a questionnaire where you will be asked about any aches, pains, injuries, or conditions that could alter your ability to perform certain exercises.  Depending on the situation, you will have a program designed around your individual ability and (depending on the level of the package you purchase) I will take you through some specific assessments and movements to get a better idea of range of motion restrictions and muscular imbalances.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

After signing up you will be sent a list of questions within the same day to fill out for me and also some instructions on how to take your “before” pictures. 


Depending on the package level you purchase there will be more information sent to you regarding how we will schedule your initial assessment (via phone or Skype) and what you will need to do to prepare for that.  You could be started on your journey to a new you within 1 to 3 days after signing up!

Guys, I have some good news! You know I started about 10 weeks ago on my health journey along with my wife. Not because of a bad doctor report but because we wanted to be "Fit For The Kingdom". So not to keeping you waiting for the good news, here it is. "Drum Roll" please! The good news is that when I got on the scales this morning at the doctor office and when the numbers on the scales final stop, I have lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks. Thank you Jesus! I am on my way to becoming "Fit For The Kingdom". Again, I would like to say thanks to my lovely and beautiful wife Tammy Brown Koonce who has also lost 10 pounds and to the fitness coach of the year Coach Todd Cheek. God desires for us to live our best life and being healthy is very good start. Please continue to pray for me as I continue on this journey.
Julious K.

Client Testimonials
Is There Nutritional Coaching with Online Coaching?

I have been working with Todd and Jyn for two weeks now and I have already started seeing results! The workouts are tailored to my fitness level, and Todd and Jyn are very knowledgeable about recommending healthier food options to help reach your goals. They are also very friendly and supportive, and they hold you accountable without beating you over the head. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone!

Heather P.

No exercise program is complete without the nutritional component added to it. So many programs tell you what to eat, but we will provide you with answers to the why and the how to ultimately empower you to make better choices where ever you are. Jynnifer is a Precision Nutrition coach and she is ready to help achieve your best you.

In January this year I turned 55 years old. I was overweight- 167 lbs.  I started working out with Todd the third week of the new year.  He has helped me so much to meet my goals.  At this point I have lost over 20 lbs, fat and inches. Still want to lose 6-7 more; we will get it!!!

Todd is amazing, he has me doing things I could never think I could do.   He is so professional and I feel so comfortable working with him.  I feel great.  Thanks Todd

Anna C


I am so glad that I started working with a personal trainer and especially Todd.


I'm  someone who  needs to take things slow and with Todd's patience, I have a new thought about exercise and living a healthier life. Plus I'm down 23 lbs.

karen D

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