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13 Years of Chemotherapy? Cancer and Nutrition Coach, Zoraida Morales

Hearing the word cancer tends to bring up certain uncomfortable thoughts and feelings - mainly feelings of sadness and thoughts of sickness and death. My guest today, Mrs. Zoraida Morales, is not only a cancer survivor, but a thriver in life. After thirteen years of chemotherapy, She's is in remission and living her best life. The question is, what is her strategy? What is her strategy for now being happier and feeling her best? Check out her story to find out in our interview..

"I am passionate about helping highly motivated clients shift their mindset from the life they were born in, to lead the life they were born to live.

I was an investment banking manager when I received a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis during a routine physical.

After thirteen years of undergoing chemotherapy, I'm finally in remission and living the life I was born to live. 

And you can too.

It took a cancer diagnosis for me to really evaluate my life and step into my most authentic self.

I left the finance industry and became a Transformational Nutrition + Cancer Coach.

I now walk alongside other newly diagnosed and cancer survivors to help them live a glorious Life by Design Not Default™."



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