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How Yoga can Help You Through Grief

Grief is a complex issue. We all experience it, but some of us may not recognize a life occurrence as a period of grief, thus, not knowing how to navigate through it. If you're anything like me, you suppress it. Our show today covers this complex area of our lives and our guest, Precious McCullough shares how she helps people navigate through their grief by way of yoga.

Precious’ affinity for Yoga study stems from her desire to connect deeply with others and the world around her. Her practice intensified during her first pregnancy as she realized the importance of deepening the connection with Self to become more present. After suffering from several losses in a short time frame, Precious began on a path of using yoga as a healing modality for grief. Following the “Companioning Model” of grief support Precious believes that grief is a natural and organic part of life and love, and as such healing grief requires compassionate and heart–centered attention. She uses yoga to find wisdom, guidance and healing in the midst of the pain of loss. Precious is certified in Death and Grief Studies through the Center For Loss in Fort Collins, Colorado. She utilizes the techniques and healing properties of yoga to help people experiencing loss manage and cope with the devastation.


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