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Live Your Dream Life, Even After the Age of 50 (Podcast)

Welcome back to another episode of, "Living Your Best Life". Why do most people feel that after a certain age you should let go of the life you've always dreamed of - you should just throw in the towel, grab the rocking chair, sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by.

Our guest today, Mr. Wayne Moody, is an example of never giving up on your dreams. When he was 57 years of age, he started his life coaching business and today is coaching people all over the world at the awesome age of 62.

Check out the latest podcast with our guest, Mr. Wayne Moody of Dream-Builders. Please reach out Wayne at Or IG @waynazsupermodel Facebook Wayne A Moody


Also, download our guide to 50 foods you should STOP eating after the age of 50

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